The Power of ME : Mandela Effect Magick

...your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods”

The Mandela Effect is often misunderstood as collective misremembering at best, misinformation at worst. What's your take? If you have ever experienced a synchronicity, then you know how reality appears to operate somewhat like a cybernetic system in which we, perceivers, have measurable impact on what is perceived.

Are we mere passive participants in a mechanistic universe or are we co-creators?

My answer to this: both. It depends on our individual level of situational awareness. Mandela Effects, when understood as the rule and not the exception, make total sense. We live in a chaotic multiverse that only appears ordered to our senses.

The alternative, to apprehend everything at once, would blow our minds. However, we can individually reach out into the primal chaos which prexists every moment and insert our own conscious desires onto it, consciously co-operating in the manifestation we collectively experience as “reality".