Reality Manipulation and Thought Control By Tim Ozman

Reality Manipulation and Thought Control


The GAME is about control and the more control you take from the consensus, the less the consensus interacts with you or can interact with you. It's like you're a ghost or it becomes a ghost as you become more real.

The surreality crumbles, it fades, it dissipates in the face of reality.

So I'm in the world of straw house pigs: pigs that live in houses made of straw because they're disconnected from the reality. Reality Deniers. They deny that which would let them know that the only way to have any modicum of security and groundedness is to build a brick house, to exist in reality, in something solid, something tangible, reliable, and if not permanent, at least persistent.

What we have instead is the fabricated Wizard of Oz reality of the 24/7 news cycle in which facts are relevant according to their recency and that narratives trumps those facts anyway. So even if something significant occurs, it's not as important as something insignificant which occurs more recently.

The news media tell stories and reports---or rather---repeats hearsay. It repeats hearsay because it is comprised of repeaters who are reading off of the teleprompters pre-scripted for them.

What they do is they uphold a surreality which is held up by the most number of people believing it. It's the consensus. They build up a consensus. They maintain it. They fight for it and they encourage those in it to fight to defend it, to war for it in fact.

So we reject this blue pill consensus based surreality and are, in many ways, like an entirely different species. You could call this an insurrection, an intellectual and cultural insurrection.

The real is overthrowing the fake. The fake has been in control for too long and the ones who control the fake know what real is.

One of the big misconceptions. This is not an accident that people think we're on a spinning ball. It wasn't an error or a mistake. It's a deliberate deception and the ones who are making this deception a part of your everyday life are well aware of what we really inhabit, which is why they're hiding it.

A huge part of the process of hiding is mediating. They hide it through mediating. They get you to pay attention to their media, their mediators, their filters, their green screens, their priesthood, their pundits, their politicians, their crisis actors. It's all manipulation but it's with your consent. Maybe it's not your informed consent but it's definitely your consent.

It's one of those things where silence is essentially giving them permission. Your refusal to reject, to resist, your refusal, that's what gives them the permission. It's not like you're given a choice, "Do I want to buy into this particular religion?"

Religion and spirituality are two different things, mutually exclusive in most instances, just to be clear. So when I use the word religion, I'm talking about regimented culture, regimented ideas and beliefs and values.

Worship of government is a religion. I mean, government centric life is religion. Dependency on government is religion because that dependency comes from beliefs about the nature of government and what it does.

Government is just religion by another name.

Do we need religion to not be wicked? I would say no, although the religious organizations would have you think so.

Does the world need to be saved by the religious? I don't think so. But they're vested in the solution. They have a deeply vested interest in the solution to the problems that they sell you on, sin.

Governments, now, provide you with universal problems, not sin but pollution, war, crime. They find all these different things that are universal and then they position themselves as the problem solvers.

Now the problem with this is abuses of power. If you want to give away the power to a group of people to protect you, there's only a nominal difference between a protector and a dictator.

What they have done is they have inflated the degree to which individuals feel threatened and unsafe and insecure. They inculcate insecurity in the schools with these active shooter drills. They inculcate insecurity every night with the media, with their psyops, with their fake terror attacks.

The need to inculcate these fears and insecurities so that you will always raise your hand and defer to authorities.

What are you supposed to do about school shootings? You're too busy. You're at work. So what do you?

Well, it's a law enforcement issue and so then you vote for the law enforcement to get the right resources they need and then you find out, "Well, you know, it's not about better law enforcement equipment, it's about better psychiatric care. But we got to start younger so we need your permission to evaluate the minds of your kids and possibly medicate them."

You see, what they're doing is asking permission to turn the schools into prisons. Here's the thing, the schools are being used obviously for indoctrination purposes. If you get an education, it's in spite of the school.

But if they're using it to create a totally enclosed world for the students, run by the state, run by operatives for the state, teachers, teachers who will repeat what they're told.

So in other words, the schools are really just a system of conforming the individual to the designs of the authoritarians. That's what it is.

That's why the school shooter drills are such a big thing. A fire drill, makes perfect sense. If you think there's a fire, you run, right? In an orderly fashion. Perfect sense. School shooters though, unlike fires, don't really exist. They inflate it. They inflate the statistics and the numbers and make everyone go through these drills.

Well, the purpose of the drills is to induce Stockholm syndrome, to make one dependent on the state. Again, this goes back to my point about this being a surreality, in the fake green screened reality, there are school shootings all the time, always ready to happen. Kids are under attack. Kids are caught in a war.

Look, this is what they actually said, 60 minutes, one of kids from March For Our Lives. He's like, "This is a 17-year long war. We are the mass shooter generation. 17 years and now 17 more died in Florida."

Well, these stories about these deaths, these murders, these fake atrocities are in their heads, in their belief systems. It affects their values and their assessment of others; makes them hateful and bigoted towards those who don't share their opinions about guns.

When they're making these discussions about guns, it's coming from a place of sheer emotionality. The weapon is a tool. You could use a hammer and kill 30 people in short order if you're really motivated and wanted to. It's not about guns. It's about the state asserting its compelling interest in becoming our total protector, maximum security.

You see, if you're never secure anywhere, then you're in a state of maximum insecurity. Their solution is maximum security. Maximum security looks like schools with Kevlar-hardened doors, bulletproof walls, metal detectors, armed guards with big guns.

These anti-gun people sure love armed guards, don't they? They don't want you the private citizen to own a gun. But they don't have a problem whatsoever with uniformed men with big guns, pointing at their heads even and firing blanks to teach them something. You're going to go into a classroom and fire blanks at kids to pretend to be a murderer to scare the shit out of them for their own good? You're going to go protect the shit out of them, right?

So I'm telling you it's to induce Stockholm syndrome. They get to fall in love with their captors, they will defend their captor because their survival is connected with it. The state using its big guns is going into the classrooms and turning your children into subjects, into subjects. Not sovereign individuals. Not people with lives that matter but just subjects, numbers.

That's why they use aggressive identity politics to get people to efface their individuality and join their clan. So now race is no longer about your heritage or traditions or where you're from, your background, it's actually about your skin pigmentation and how you can check a certain box and be put into a certain category. That's what the statists do. They want you to cease to be an individual and to start to be a number and a product, a piece of government property.

They're basically looking down at you as animals, as property. This gun, active shooter drill as gun training is basically this, it's:

”Let's not take away their guns because the ones who are awake might resist. So let's get these ones that are still in the incubators and terrify them about guns..”

....which will also fit in nicely with all the immersive media from first person shooter video games to Hollywood movies which are a little more than gun pornography. It's gun porn. Quentin Tarantino, gun porn. Every action film you see, gun porn, that's all it is.

It's to increase our sense of how powerful weapons are and how the gun gives you godlike powers. This is what they want you to think. No, they don’t. It's a tool and it enforces a balance of power between the individual and the state.

What they want to do is shift the power in their favor by taking away our ability to interpret reality. Questioning the media makes you a conspiracy theorist to them. This includes the alternative media---questioning the mediated reality--and all the stories that prompt it up.

But all these events, stories, tragedies, these things need to be reexamined in order to break free of their surreality. We need to totally break free from all of it because they're establishing, everyday, they're establishing a different premise for some other way for them to encroach on your life.

As in “space junk”, the existence of which means we need a worldwide agreement on air defense to shoot down space junk or to protect us from aliens or to protect us from climate change.

The Mediators are the priesthood of today. They're the priest class. It is useful to think of them in that sense; they're the priest class. The duty of the priest class is to serve the elite by mediating the minds of the masses and getting us to believe that we need both government and religion.

Guess what the ball earth is? The globe earth itself is the one world totalitarian religion, it's both government and it's religion. It's a theocratic system. We do not have separation of church and state, just so you know. We have an objective. This is a fact finding mission. The purpose of which is to discern the boundaries, the edges, finding the edges---about finding that edge--- separating what we know from what we believe we know. There's a huge difference.

Once we can eradicate that gap in our thinking, you will find that the fantasy, surreality, the fake reality, the faith-based worldview will dissipate and real will remain.

Real cancels out fake. Ultimately, this is about real versus fake.