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THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE CONTINUES…IPS Newsletter 6.5.2020   Tomorrow a million rioters will descend upon the White House. Since they are protesting order, they are rioters, and not peaceful protesters. Just don’t dare tell that to a peaceful protesters face, lest you get a whack to the face with a hammer, as did Guardian Angel Founder, Curtis Sliwa.   The lawless behavior is learned, conditioned, and applauded by the Democrats and big corporations. Even Grand Theft Auto takes a knee for the rioters, who were mentally prepared for the chaos by the video game/ digital snuff-film company.   The arrests number in the thousands with many more to go. As I have discussed in my most recent lives-streams, the “protests” are a...

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Hello, The story get's weirder: George Floyd and Derek Chauvin worked together and Chauvin's neighbors had no idea he was a cop. The riots are increasing in intensity, the National Guard has been deployed and the President seems to be inviting civil war with his "MAGA NIGHT" Tweets. Heres's something odd: piles of BRICKS showing up at protest sites, indicative of pre-planning and organization. Stay tuned for live coverage of the looting and mayhem. Here's some links to catch up on the madness: GEORGE FLOYD TO BE AUTOPSIED BY DR. MICHAEL BADEN "Dr. Michael Baden, who previously conducted an independent autopsy of Jeffrey Epstein, will do the examination after the family takes Floyd’s body back from the state, their lawyer...

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Good Afternoon: Thank you for supporting the Infinite Plane Radio live stream. Livestream links can always be found here  ------ 5/23/2020  NEW DEVELOPMENTS The Flat Earth Report Podcast enters year 4  Our Youtube has crossed 1000 subs, Dlive 1600.  I'm busy developing a website for a client----once it's complete I'll be live, taking calls most nights again.   NEW MUSIC BY PGA and JAYT33  Last Nights live stream  TIM

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