Southern Star Trails On Flat Earth Explained

The commenter New Perspective commented to me at the end there and I didn't see it until the chat was closed. Their comment was that the stars all move east to west but do rotate the opposite direction in the south.
That is not the case.
Study star trails at the equator. And the other part of their comment was that it wouldn't be possible in the globe model, the opposite direction rotations. Well the globe model accurately states actually that they only appear to rotate opposite directions, which is true in reality, though earth isn't a globe. It is only the direction we have to face the sky to see the northern stars versus the southern, that determines whether the stars are moving left to right or right to left.
The star trails at the equator show they actually all rotate the same direction. The southern star trails being real does not debunk the earth being a plane, in any case.
People like Jeran are pushing the disinfo that star trails in the south literally rotate the opposite direction, since they are pretending the southern stars are the northern stars refracted and reflected of 'the dome', which if true would result in the opposite direction rotation. The southern stars are real and distinct constellations from the northern stars.
There are time lapse footage videos of the southern stars from years before 'flat earth' came around again this time."


  • Rayman

    what I never understood was how you can infer anything about where we live from the sky . For all we know it’s a celestial movie theater or it’s rendered for every individual differently. If you’re playing minecraft, what would happen if you decided to go into cheat mode and fly to the sun? I think the answer to this question is pertinent.

  • I.N. Inc

    Caasi Notwen
    The meme of ‘no gas pressure without a container’ totally connects to the dome theory because the dome is the container they’ve been pushing all along. Not to mention the same op is pushing both memes. Just because Oakley won’t talk models or dome but will talk no gas pressure without a container for 500 hours, doesn’t mean the two concepts aren’t auto connected by people. Though maybe in the context of this topic ‘people’ means mostly paid and unpaid trolls, most ‘people’ assume ‘flat earth’ has a dome over it.

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