Good Afternoon:


Thanks to you, my patreon supporters, the Infinite Plane Radio podcast is back, live, taking calls, and creating content daily. 

The future of IPR was in doubt because of Youtube's repeated denial of monetization, censorship, and relentless banning.

Now we exist independent of any platform with multiple streaming options and permament LBRY archives. 

The Youtube channel consistently gets 1K views per live-broadcast which is not as high as early 2018 but it's getting closer. Again, this is a new channel. We've started from scratch dozens of times.  NOW, we can plan on steady growth into the future.


The next three objectives for IPR:
1. Print Newspaper
2. Weekly AM Radio Slots
3. Another thing: we're about to start the 24/7 Infinite Plane Radio website/ multicast livestream channel. It will be in full operation by 2020.

THANK YOU ALL for supporting this think tank and broadcast. 


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IPS Inspires

IPS Inspires

Excellent podcast presenting dogma free flat-earth info and promoting real-world actions in moving forward to expose the deception and move beyond it.

Hilarious Channel!!

My favorite to date 💯 keep up the great work IPS 🐧

beazelbud 420, 12/24/2019 IPS

I’ve finally found you!!!

Tim is one of the best online personalities hands down. I used to listen to his show on JewTube before his work was wiped off the Ashkenazi owned propagandist

01/09/2020 Great content!

I’m a pretty new listener, but I’m already a huge fan! You do great work, keep it up!