Flat and Infinite Earth

 Infinite Plane Theory Explained

   by Tim Ozman

Dedicated to the Infinite Plane Society




Preface: Ten Reasons to Doubt The Globe


Infinite Plane Theory doesn't claim to know the unknown, nor does it attempt to explain away the gaps in our knowledge.


Just because you may experience and observe the world as flat doesn’t mean you’re informed enough to know what lies at, or beyond, what’s printed at the edge of the maps. 


Is it safe to assume the world stops where the maps end? 


The Infinite Plane Theory states that if flat, the Earth must be considered infinite until proven otherwise. 


What’s at the edge obviously has meaningful implications for the Flat Earth topic. Yet, it seems the movement lacks the direction it needs to bring the question to an answer.


The trouble is, all too often, we allow unchallenged explanations to fill in the gaps in our experiential knowledge. The idea that the Earth might be flat automatically asserts an edge. This doesn’t mean a cliff you can fall off; it simply means a perimeter. 


Right now, that edge is simply the limit of our knowledge. Sadly, the Flat Earth movement is certain they know that there is a wall of ice surrounding us. Additionally, many believe that there is a dome over our heads and that this dome meets the ice-wall, containing us all within an enclosed system.


The ice-wall and dome are pushed heavily by all the popular channels that deal with the topic. This is where the Flat Earth Theory diverges from the Infinite Plane Theory. 


So why is the Flat Earth movement so wedded to the idea that we have an ice-wall and a dome containing us? 


I think it’s because unanswered questions make people uneasy. The Flat Earth concept is overwhelming enough without adding additional unknowns. Accepting a dome is easier than thinking about what’s beyond.


Fear of the unknown is a powerful deterrent and it is my contention that we're indoctrinated into a fear-based worldview. The less we know, the more we rely on the programmers who perpetrated ignorance with false explanations.


False explanations, also known as “lies”, are used to stifle your desire to know what’s been hidden from you. When someone is telling a lie, it’s not the same as if they just had the wrong answer and were mistaken. 


If the earth is flat, then at some level, all the world governments lying, because this would imply that they are intentionally using false explanations to misrepresent the world.


They have us surrounded by comforting lies or disquieting fears. Those who believe in the globe are comfortable conceptualizing Antarctica as a mass of ice. Those who think the Earth is flat are excused for dodging the question. 


The Infinite Plane Society calls this “edge-a-phobia”, an inability to address one of the most important questions for the Flat Earther.


Of all people, the Flat Earthers ought to be the ones most concerned about what lies beyond and yet they are strangely incurious about the matter if not rudely dismissive. 


Most ignore the question, citing bad weather and way too much paperwork, while others suggest it's not nearly as important as recognizing that "God put Flat Earth in the Bible.”  The rest warn the questioner of certain death by naval bombardments to any who get too close to the ice-wall. 


Has your curiosity been replaced with fear? 


Nobody claims to know what's beyond the universe. The question is there but the answer is out of our grasp at this time. Scientists have a good excuse for not knowing what's at the edge of the universe. 


Nobody is asserting the universe is surrounded by an ice wall or a similar impassable barrier. What’s the Flat Earther's excuse?


To suggest a barrier or a wall prematurely is to fill in a gap in our knowledge with an emotionally satisfying explanation. It may sound or feel right, but it’s not a fact based finding. 


The divine fallacy, or the "god of the gaps", is invoked with every unsubstantiated claim of an ice-wall or a barrier made of glass. These barriers only exist in the mind of the believer.


Every complete model is premature. We don't have the entire picture and all experiments within the enclosed system are going to fall short of proving it false.


The Infinite Plane Theory doesn't assert to have a complete model of the universe. Quite the contrary, it simply posits that nobody has been far enough to determine if we are in an enclosed system. Funnily enough, mainstream physics supports the infinite universe theory and they even believe it’s flat. Just as our solar system is believed to be flat.


The finite disc with a dome model was designed to keep you from attempting to validate Flat Earth theory. The dome-pushers want you to ignore the boundary and not think about what’s beyond.


Here are ten reasons to doubt the world as it has been presented to you:


1. We can see too far


Every school-child is told that man discovered the globular shape of the Earth when they observed boats going "over the horizon." This would explain boats disappearing from the bottom up, so we're told. The truth is, boats don't go over a curve. They go beyond our range of vision. 


Yet, when that false explanation was debunked by the p900 camera, the round-earthers moved the goal post, supplying all sorts of ad hoc explanations invoking complex mathematical formula to convince us not to believe our lying eyes.


2. Where's the curve?


So where is that curve that the boats go over or that can be spotted from the window of a commercial airplane? 


It's not there and, moreover, the mathematical description of a ball the size planet Earth is said to be doesn't comport with observations. 


The lack of any visible or detectable curvature at any height without a curved fish-eye lens should cause one to wonder. This of course discounts images supplied by the military or governments, or private companies working in partnerships with the government and/or military.  


Why not trust NASA? Simple. If the globe is a lie, then NASA can be correctly identified as leading a military operation against the people of the United States. They're either being totally honest or they've been waging worldview shaping psychological-warfare against us for generations. Take your pick.


3. No stellar parallax


It's worth pointing out that science considers the solar system flat. The flat solar system is moving through the galaxy at immense speeds and yet the constellations never change. Every six months we're facing the opposite side of the universe (supposedly), yet we see the same stars century after century and they never spread apart or otherwise distort the constellations. 


The fact that we have unchanging constellations suggests we're not moving through the universe but that we are on the floor of the universe. The sky moves, we don't. 


The false-explanation is that “we” do see stellar parallax doesn’t mean you or I. “We,” in this case, refers to our trusted scientists. Therefore, believing in stellar parallax requires a lot of faith and trust in the experts we’re accusing of promulgating falsehoods.


4. Space travel is obviously faked.


It’s also unfalsifiable scientifically, therefore faith-based. What evidence do we have for space travel? Video and photographic evidence that could easily be faked. 


This raises the question of which is more likely: that we have flying cameras millions of miles away sending us detailed information and images from far away, or that it’s being faked? And before you answer this, think about your own experience with the Internet, radio, and television reception here on Earth.


The evidence that is asserted to come from outer space can be refuted by visually literate, critical thinkers. 


We laugh at cheesy special effects in the movies. When we do the same with NASA, we're called conspiracy theorists. Those who believe space is real as presented on television are believers, not knowers. 


This is an important distinction to make and enforce if we are to remain honest.


5. Our modern scientific-paradigm is shaped,  in great part, by fake science.


The line separating science and pseudoscience has long since been crossed in the popular imagination. Today, consensus trumps fact. Lots of scientists believing something is often an argument in favor of it. 


Additionally, there are ideological reasons for favoring certain theories over others. Science is highly politicized, which means that power and money, too, can trump facts.


6. The International Space Station has been exposed as a fraud…. the collective work of thousands of content creators, researchers, and visually literate perceivers who refuse to not see what their eyes report. 


But what of the reports about the space station over one's home at night, alleged to be verifiable by the space station tracking website? Not possible. 


For one thing, the space station is said to be less than three-hundred miles up. Therefore, it would be in the Earth's shadow at night and could not be seen traveling from horizon to horizon.


All of the I.S.S. Transits constitute visual hearsay, as the actual “transit” videos are all accomplished with an insert shot, and therefore not verifiable. We have to trust the editor to accept there’s an orbiting space station up above.


Also worth noting: the European Space Agency’s footage purported to be taken from the International Space Station is clearly a computer animation, as evidenced by its shadow: on live feeds, it has been represented as having a shadow, which is an impossibility.


7. SpaceX’s “Starman” stunt which involved a Tesla Roadster in space was so fake “it has to be real” according to Elon Musk. And that’s not all:


In late 2019, SpaceX’s CRS-19 rocket sent “genetically modified mice” to the space station, and on that launch, a computer-generated mouse could be seen walking on the engine as it was in outer-space. Clearly, an inside joke on us, just in time for the Year of the Rat.

8. The falseness and/ or incompleteness of the cosmology we’ve been given is reason enough to doubt the globe.


9. Mass media overreaction, including de facto censorship. 


You don’t see the media overreacting to chemtrail theories or discussions about bigfoot and UFOs. They tolerate most conspiracy theories, albeit with condescension, but they don’t run from them as they do Flat Earth.


10. The ideological origins of the space program…


 ...suggests that it’s a utopian plan and a path to heaven for the modern man. The space program is the elites chosen religion for the masses.


These points stand on their own, each one dismissal of the globe pending real evidence. Does this mean that the earth is flat? Not exactly but it does mean there’s a big question to be answered which has not been properly addressed:


“What’s at the edge?”


Why would they need to hide a flat world if there were actual boundaries? Here are just a few reasons why they would need to hide an infinite earth:


  • Monopolization of resources
  • Monopolization of information, knowledge, and real science
  • Maintaining a power disparity
  • Concealing power through proxies that keep the masses divided into mutually exclusive categories.


The Case For An Infinite Earth


Space is considered infinite until proven finite. Time, too, is infinite until proven finite. These are limitations inherent in our perceptions as embodied intelligent beings whose perceptions and lifespans are finite.


Those who are aware of the world’s possible flatness have made the rest of the world well aware of their reasons for thinking so, yet things haven’t changed. 


Why? Simple. For the same reason that telling a drug addict that they are a drug addict doesn't change anything. We merely diagnosed the problem.


This book answers questions about what to do with this knowledge. 

Centralized Enclosed vs Decentralized Open Systems


The Infinite Plane Theory proposes the only legitimate challenge to the heliocentric model. 


The Flat Earthers that believe we are trapped under a dome many thousands of miles across are far more concerned with seeking new converts than seeking answers. 


They are centralizing the interpretation of this new take on reality and insist the Bible is the sole authority on the matter of cosmology. 


This also includes an enclosure, suggesting that the world is “intimate not infinite” as the dome believers like to say. Yet, not one of them has an answer for what’s outside. 


Why not? 


Because for them, the system is enclosed and nothing without matters. They’re strangely incurious about what’s beyond.  


They believe they have it all figured out and now it's just a matter of convincing everyone else. The trouble they have here is they aim to change the worldviews of others without answering the fundamental question about what lies at the edge.


The true fight here is Centralized Enclosed Systems vs Decentralized Open Systems. 


The oligarchs, the elite, whatever you choose to call them, are controllers of centralized and enclosed systems such as:


  1. Fiefdoms
  2. Communism
  3. Totalitarian Dictatorships
  4. Media Monopolies
  5. Religious Institutions
  6. Higher Education/ Indoctrination
  7. False cosmographies


These are all enclosed systems. Freedom requires decentralized decision making down the level of the individual. The more Big Brother makes decisions for you, the less free you are.

False Frontiers




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